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At Donly Dental, here’s how we are conscious about the environment:
Digital Xrays – Eliminate processing chemicals and waste water, along with reducing radiation by
up to 90%!

Energy Efficient light fixtures – (for example, LED overhead lighting in operatories) saves energy which ultimately reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. When you use less energy, you lessen greenhouse gas emissions in our atmosphere)

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) – Painted offices are better for the environment and healthy for the staff and patients

Dry Vacuum – The oil-free nature of these eliminate airborne oil vapors which pose as an environmental hazard.  Also, the vacuums do not use pump tons of water and thus this virtually eliminates harmful sewage and wasteful water.

“Paper-less” Office – Digital charts and file storage cuts down on paper use and unnecessary waste.

Mercury free materials are only used in this office

Newest HVAC System operates more efficiently and uses less energy

Antibacterial Cabinetry – All of our cabinets and surfaces are Lamitech Antibacterial with NanoGuard. These are high pressure decorative laminate surfaces with antibacterial and fungicide protection, using nano silver ions which reduce up to 99.99% of germs present on the surface. This is not only beneficial in infection control but also prevents the use of toxic chemicals.

Disinfectant – We use a disinfectant that is not only effective at killing germs, but non-toxic and readily biodegradable.